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Mobile Scare Squad

Mobile Scare Squad

Bring the scare to you! Darkness can enshroud your private and corporate events, functions, and parties making for a truly memorable and terrifying experience. Your guests will surely have some screams and laughs as our monsters entertain. Whether you want to scare guests, add a fun, frightening setting to an event, or need help to startle trick or treaters on Halloween, your wish is our command.

Below you can find some events which we offer and some places we think they work best. Just remember you are not limited by this, only by your imagination, so for specific options give us a call!

Schools & Colleges

Haunted House

Having done many pop up haunted houses, Darkness Within knows what it takes to make someone scream. As a result we can provide a horrific experience almost anywhere. Let us set up your haunted house and it will for sure be a hit.

Zombie Run

Thinking of doing a race this fall or spring? Everyone loves to run away from something, so have Darkness Within supply some scare actors or do the makeup for volunteers to be zombies. Whichever you choose, people are bound to be exhausted as they run for their lives.


Ever seen a monster dance? We have, and man it is horrifying. Have our creatures at your dance or party to liven things up!

Live Horror Survival Games

Tired of the same old haunted house style scare or someone popping out saying “boo!” Well, this should get your blood flowing. Try an event where you need to be sneaky to survive, for if the monsters catch you, you lose. Or perhaps it’s a game where you are not given the rules, except “survive,” and different monsters have different ticks and tricks? If this sounds appealing then you’re sure to love this style of interactive horror.


Horror Dinner Parties

Planning to do a dinner party or tasting, but don’t know what will spark excitement? By having our scare actors we will make sure everyone is dying to come. Note that we do not cater, as monsters are great eaters, but not great cooks.

Scary Brew Fest Events

Having a fall event with music, games, food, and more? Have our scare actors come in and add a new element of fun. Pictures, engagement, and the more than occasional scream will be the result of such an event. We are even able to bring in horror themed games like bowling with heads and much more!

Live Scare Actor Interaction

To spice things up a bit why not have our scare actors come in and interact with patrons? Guests will get to meet our scare actors, learn about their diabolical stories, and take pictures with them all while enjoying themselves at your venue.

Corporate/Private Events

Parties/Cocktail Hour

Having a cocktail event, masquerade, or something along those lines? Why not add an element of horror with our scare actors. Whether you want them to be still as statues or lurking around they will find a way to send a chill down the spines of your guests.

Halloween House Decorating/Scaring Trick or Treaters

Want to make your house the talk of the town? This is one way to do it! Darkness Within can come in and decorate your house making it truly terrifying. If you want even more of a rush for trick or treaters we can provide scare actors to make the horror up close and personal for all who brave your residence. Be aware you may have some extra candy to eat this year for yourself.

Other Events

Have an idea? Give us a call! As long as it has something scary we are your ghouls.

For Questions or Quotes Call: (617) 548-7144

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