Darkness Within LLC



Through unique, immersive events with ever changing plots, Darkness Within

brings those who adventure into the dark closer than any other bonding experience,

as it is the most adrenaline inducing, enrapturing experience among all

horror themed attractions in New England.

Darkness Within is live entertainment horror production company creating events and parties which no mortal will soon forget.  Yes, we put on a Haunted House unlike any other during the fall season, but we do much more than that.  For all those willing to test their courage or looking for a fun fright night, Darkness Within puts on a special horror event for each season.  No two are ever the same and will tell a unique portion of the story of Darkness Within.  These events may be lit, or may be pitch black.  They may involve surviving by running or may be by hiding.  You won’t know until it’s time, so check our Horror Events section regularly.

For those looking to bring the terror to them, Darkness Within also offers our Mobile Scare Squad.  This is an elite group of scare actors and monsters who will come to your event and play.  These events are horrifically memorable and are limited only by your imagination when it comes to what you would like us to do.  Whether you’re a school, company, or individual we are dying to hear from you.  Check out the Mobile Scare Squad section for more information and examples of events.