Darkness Within LLC



Is this a haunted house?

During the October seasonal event, yes this is a haunted house. However, other events during the year which Darkness Within hosts may not be, so please check on the individual event pages.

How scary is it?

This varies mortal to mortal, but the simple answer is don’t expect to come out unscathed. Everyone is susceptible to fear, and we aim to prove it!

Are the monsters allowed to touch me?

This varies event to event, but generally they will not touch you. They may decide they want to play and invade personal space or brush by you, but unless the event specifically says they will touch you you need not worry. This being said, DO NOT touch our creatures. They are endangered and we must protect them….

What if I am too frightened to continue?

Then you shall be lost in the darkness for eternity…. until a staff member comes and gets you. If you are too frightened to continue please stay in one place saying “I want my mommy” until a staff member retrieves you.

Is it for all ages?

Different people react differently, so we do not discriminate based on age. HOWEVER, we suggest that no one under 12 enters the darkness as this is truly frightening, dark, and may have some horrid imagery.

Is it handicapped accessible?


Will you let anyone in?

So long as you are orderly and willing, you will be let in. However, due to the fright factor that awaits we do not recommend this for those who are pregnant or that have a heart or other medical condition. You may enter at your own risk!

Are there any warnings?

We do not recommend Darkness Within for anyone with heart conditions, pregnant women, epileptics, or the faint of heart. There will be theatrical lighting, eerie music, loud sound effects, strobe lights, and fog machines in use. Please be aware that there are NO REFUNDS.

Where is it?


Where can I park?


When is the best time to arrive?

As close to opening as possible.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all forms of major credit cards both online and at the venue. Some special events (non-October) may be limited capacity, so online registration is required for selected events.