Darkness Within LLC



The book which holds these three passages is sinister in its intentions.  No one knows quite what it is, where it came from, or what it does.  All we know is that whoever finds it commits horrible atrocities before winding up deceased or disappearing in entirety.  Many have tried to uncover it, most have failed.  However, I fear ultimately for those who are triumphant in their journey for they no not what curse they have unveiled.  I know this because I have seen what terrors it wreaks.  I have seen the look in the beholders eye, like they are being tormented by something unworldly.  Heed my warning, and never seek out this evil.  But if you must, destroy it and the darkness that lies within, as the darkness within allows nowhere to hide.

Darkness Within Poem Verse 1

Darkness is coming, not a moment to spare

all of your nightmares are seemingly there

the depths of your soul hosts an evil that’s lurking

which grows ever greater as the mind keeps on working

creatures and terrors all conjured by you

Darkness Within awaits the brave few.

Darkness Within Poem Verse 2

Darkness is coming, and alas you shall see

’twas yourself that set these monstrosities free

the mind does plays tricks, obscuring true facts

something inside is under attack

and if you emerge you shall see what we mean

Darkness Within is a nightmare machine.

Darkness Within Poem Verse 3

Darkness is coming, behold it is nigh

screams from within, unworldly beast cry

and yet there’s an urge, a pull, an effect

which lures you still closer, to see, to inspect

but none can prepare for what is inside

the darkness within allows nowhere to hide.